MariaTinkoffNo one can ever truly understand what motivated a person to create their masterpiece. All we can do is admire the end result of their experience, thoughts and vision of what was happening at the time.

Maria Tinkoff is a bright, charismatic person. Anyone who casts a glance at a canvas filled with this ingenious artist’s vivid emotions will find something of their own. Some will see the magical colors at play – a harmony of the tiniest nuances and the marvelous mighty battle of colors.

Others may see the reflection of joy and brightness of that world or the deep philosophical view on one problem or another. Some may even see an entire story.

Every one of us can try to paint something at one point in our lives, but not all of us can manage to add so much meaning and sincerity into it. Maria, however, managed, and we can only wonder how. Is it the result of all the support and artistic success on behalf of numerous generations of her extended family? Or is it her education in philosophy and aesthetics at Saint Petersburg University? After all, that was where she decided she wanted to share with the world something beautiful, deep, exalted and poetic. Perhaps it is her frequent presence in the company of photographers, as it was during her studies at the academy of photography, as well as afterwards. Or maybe it was because when she traveled the world, she tried to understand the people in every country and immerse herself into what was happening at that time.

She herself couldn’t answer this question. All we know is that one beautiful spring day, when she was overwhelmed with the desire to capture the touching freshness of the somewhat naive Saint Petersburg lilacs that seemed to have suddenly appeared after the ice cold winter like a sign of the coming joy and renovation, she realized that the camera lens only narrowed her imagination. It became an obstacle in free art’s way. She wanted to see the world with eyes wide-open, and feel all the joy, abundance and freedom of the magical artistic dance of emotion and color. When an artist, an object and the material unite, they become unstoppable. The artist’s feelings, thoughts and endless rapture with the world around her begin to flow freely onto the canvas.

Maria studied at university and master classes, from a series of famous and prominent artists, and still learning to this day. She believes that an artist’s journey is an endless journey to perfection. It is a thorny yet pleasure-filled path full of new discoveries. Her paintings reflect the surrounding world in her soul. Every such mirror develops a bright, lively, endless world, and even on the rainiest day something thrilling, exquisite and rich will stand out from the darkness, bringing hope for the coming joy.

Maria Tinkoff is an artist inspired by Asia’s beautiful expressive countries, the people around her, and feelings of extreme. Her masterpieces will not leave anyone indifferent, but bring a little happiness and sensuality into every one of us.